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What is the alternative of a cross screwdriver? Get the details here!

Doing the household chores on your own is a great habit which not only makes you independent but also a cost-effective habit which can help you to save little every time by performing household chores on your own.

For achieving these household chores, you are required to use the optimal devices such as a screwdriver, which helps perform multiple purposes.

But not everyone has them if you are in need to remove a tiny screw from the wall or the table then you might be thinking that it is next to impossible to perform the task without a cross screwdriver well you might be mistaken there are multiple other ways which you can use instead of a cross screwdriver help you to do the job.

metal vegetable peeler

To get known of those alternatives, continue reading this article.

  • Metal vegetable peeler: metal vegetable peeler sounding weird, but that’s how it is, you can actually make use of the metal vegetable peeler and unscrew a screw without a cross screwdriver These kitchen appliances are useful and can be used for multiple purposes, and this can be your DIY hack.
  • Flathead screwdriver: not everyone keeps the cross screwdriver, so if you have a flathead screwdriver, then you don’t need to worry. The shape of the flathead screwdriver might not be the same, but if it gets inserted to the half of the portion, then that’s enough to create the momentum which can help you to get your job done.
  • Loose coins: the coin which even your child is not willing to receive can actually help you to fix the problem and eradicate the need to have a cross screwdriver. The smaller coins you use, the better it is; pennies are an excellent option for you.

If you are taking out a large screw, then these helped fit as there the rounded edge can hold a better grip. So in this way, you can perform the job without paying a penny for it.

The summary

In the article, as mentioned above, we have mentioned some of the fantastic tips and hacks which you can make use when you don’t find a cross screwdriver in your hand to perform the job. Using the above mentioned hacks, you can conveniently remove the screw without screwdriver with easy use of these hacks and alternates.