Drilling Holes

Whether Electric Screwdriver Can Be Used For Drill Or Not- Grab The Pro Guide Here!

In the modern world, we are provided with an abundance of information and zillions of tools, which make it easier for us to do the small alternations in our homes. Are you also one of those who love to do the working on their own and are always around tools?

Then here we are providing you guide about the details that how you can use an electric screwdriver a drill as the optimal alternative for the comfortable house chores.

If you are eager to know how an electric screwdriver works for you like a drill, then you can keep reading this article as in addition to this, we are also sharing some mind-blowing DIY hacks for you.

Electric Screwdriver vs drill

Before we dig deep into the comparative and heterogeneous factors and traits of both the tools, we need to understand the actual meaning of both devices. A screwdriver is an essential tool that can be easily found in every ordinary home.

It is a tool that can be used for various house chores related to the alternation, such as fixing scenery into the wall or placing a cloth hanging on the wall; it can be used for multiple purposes.

A drill is a tool that is mostly used in workshops and repairing centers by the expert mechanics or wood workshops where they are used for making furniture, and other wood made stuff.

electric screwdriver

If you are not known to the context of an electric screwdriver vs. drill, then you might be perceiving their working and functioning as the same. Well if you are even doing that then you might be correct as an electric screwdriver can be used as drills if you pay keen attention to the set of things mentioned below:

  • Torque: Torque is the force or power which results in proper and repeated rotation in an appliance. The torque of the drill is comparatively higher than the screwdriver, but an electric screwdriver can match the level of the drill.
  • Purpose: a crucial factor that is required to look upon is the purpose of using the drill as a screwdriver or a screwdriver as a drill. For the heavy-duty work, you are required to use the actual drill, such as standard drill or a hammer drill, but for house chores, you make use of these appliances according to your needs.