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How to Change the Drill Bit without a Key- Pro Guide for Beginners

Drills are undoubtedly considered as the most powerful and versatile devices which you can find easily in any of the ordinary homes. With the proper knowledge of these powerful drills, you can quickly become a pro in using them for the small alternations at the home.

Hence there will be no need of the calling a mechanic for the small house chores. If you are new to the context of the drill and don’t hold the required knowledge of it you must consider reading this article.

In this article, we are sharing a guide about how to change the drill bit with a keyless system and also sharing some pro tips for the beginners.

There are two types of drillers one offers you a key chuck, and another offers you keyless chuck, which is helpful for you to get a bit out of a drill without a key quickly.

Steps to replace the bit manually

Lose the chuck

When you are practicing to change the drill bit, then the foremost step is to loosen the chuck at the first place of your drill. First, you need to handle the chuck with one hand and hold the chuck with another hand.

After doing this, you are required to turn counterclockwise and help it in making it lose. Also, it can be practiced by making a gentle pull over the trigger.
chuck key

Remove the drill bit

So you are required to remove the bit and change a drill without a chuck key easily after losing the chuck of the drill.

Also, it might come off quickly as you have loosened the chuck, so make sure you are placing it over a table or flat surface. It is essential to handle the drill bit carefully for not harming yourself.

Penetrate the new bit

After you have loosened the chuck and removed the older bit now, its time to insert a new bit into the drill. While doing this, you need to handle the drill with one hand carefully and hold the bit to be inserted correctly with the other hand. Then carefully practice the step of inserting it into the drill.

Tighten the chuck

Once you have successfully inserted the new drill bit, then you should tighten the chuck or jaws of the clump for successfully changing the drill bit.

Well, this was a pro guide for beginners about how to remove a bit from drill without a key successfully. For more information, you seek guidance from the expert.